The caracteristic snakes used as logo were created in 1993 during studies at the Textile School of Sweden, inspierd by the viking arts. The brand was registered in Italy in 2002 and in Sweden in 2008.

The creator of DeTerm! have studied Fashin Design at prestigious institutes in Italy and Sweden. She have worked with design, production, product development and managemaent, all since 1986. Her services have been for brands like Eton, Guess, H&M, Liz Claiborne, Mexx and Tommy Hilfiger. She also worked as fashion design teacher.

DeTerm participations:
Riccione Moda Italia July 2008 & 2009
CIFF fair in Copenhagen 7-10 August 2008.

Northern Light Hotel, Stockholm, May 2009
Minimarket, Rhööiska Museet, Gothenborgh, May 2009

DeTerm! have been sold at Compai in Florence, Kardborren a Kalmar, Drömma a Göteborg, Melange in Stockholm and Brissman in Borås.

The brand closed down it's activity in 2009.